Wednesday, December 20, 2006

a tribute to uzo

sadness prevails all is dark and hoplessness encircled..

Friday, November 03, 2006


To be one's self, and unfraid whether right or wrong, is more admirable than the easy cowardice of surrender to conformity.

Your Importance

Its been a few hours,
Seems like a century,
No one I recognize around me,
Everything seems so strange.

Now I know what you really mean,
My smile was because of you,
My life was colourful by your presence,
My tears were wiped away when you were close.

Since your not there,
I realize your importance,
Your significance,
And your value in my life.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

how to react??

How to react?

Seeing his face: once again,
I lose myself,
Don’t know how to respond,
Afraid to utter a word.

I am lost,
In “that” world which meant everything to us,
Thinking about the lovely time spent,
The time when we actually loved each other.

I still see love in his eyes,
The strange thing is,
Though we are inches apart physically,
But I still feel miles apart from him.

Both of us don’t have the courage to say one simple word ‘hi’,
So many distances in just days!!
Though I want to hold him close,
He wants me too:
We are restricted by the walls we built days ago ourselves

my own blog:D

thanks to asheyy i finally made my own blog...thnx ayesha...:D

New Lives

Different lives have just begun,
Shunning away old memories,
Trying to relive all over again,
Tears trickling as memories are recalled.

Remembering the beautiful eyes,
That once won my heart,
The voice that made me lose myself,
The touch that made him win me over,
The words echoing still in my ear drums have made me a stranger to myself.

The love I received,
Is more than I wanted,
The sincerity is more than I desired,
The respect was more than I deserved.

Yet today,
I want nothing but you
Even as a complete stranger,
To stand in front of my eyes.

To ask me who I am,
And to look concerned,
I still wonder,
Is it really love…

I want you back,
In any form,
People don’t understand,
How much I need you.

After days of being apart,
I know I still want you,
I am empty without you,
You’re my necessity.

I may seem carefree,
Laughing about here and there,
Roaming from one place to another,
I still belong to you and worship you.

I love you.

sad eid

it was until last year when uzo,my aunt was with us on eid....and now she wont be there...she passed away two weeks after eid...we miss her soo much...tomorrow is a day when all of us will celebrate the saddest eids of our lives...we miss u and will love u always...
stay happy where ever u are uzo....alu